OBAMA CARE - (ACA) Affordable Care Act (you have to pass it to know what's in it - thank you Democrats)

After 8 attempts over a one month period trying to "SHOP" on the HealthCare.gov (ACA) web site - I'M DONE" !!! Being forced to enter the "same data" over & over after every crash of the web site, and the President and Democratic leadership making one false claim after the other "the web site does not function", and appears to me to be a desception. I conclude it is intended to cause this delay and/or the architects (government) are as innept as their performance appears. I did this live on Radio and was honestly trying to see what were my options and how it all works (I did). NOTE: I suspected this is a welfare program in desguise among other things, but I am still discusted when I see the statement "you don't have to be a citizen or national to apply". Nick Barrett - HARD LOOK RADIO commentator.

AND THEY CALL THIS A "MARKETPLACE" (and don't forget your error code & application ID - we need to help them figure it out!)

This screen shot was taken - Nov. 6th 2013